Grand Prix Tutoring understands the demanding schedule associated with the academic needs of junior equestrians. Founder Danielle Cooper grew up on the horse show circuit and faced the daily changes that many student-athletes face today. Danielle and the Grand Prix Tutoring tutors understand the sense of accomplishment that comes with performing at a high level in the ring and the classroom.

Grand Prix Tutoring tailors programs to the specific needs of our students. We provide structure and balance fostering strong study skills and organizational strategies to help our students achieve their goals. Our tutors customize each session to each student's particular needs. We take a unique approach to helping each student, depending on learning style and level of motivation.

We assist students who attend both traditional and online schools. Our experience allows us to guide our students and their families in making the best academic decisions for their student's future. We oversee course selection to help students reach their goals, such as making honor roll, obtaining an athletic scholarship, or improving test-taking skills and confidence. We also guide families through online school selection, enrollment, and the college application process.

Our tutors are carefully vetted, experienced professors, teachers, and educators with upbeat personalities and superior communication skills. Our tutors are dedicated to helping our students exceed their academic goals while simultaneously creating fun, memorable learning experiences for our students. We match students with tutors who will work best with both their learning style and personality.

Founder Danielle Cooper - Tutoring Available for WEF and GDF 2016

Founder Danielle Cooper - Tutoring Available for WEF and GDF 2016

Danielle's ability to provide straightforward explanations of complex material leads her students to great academic achievements. Danielle successfully tutors students in all core subjects and helps students prepare for standardized tests.

Danielle Cooper has been privately tutoring year round since 2012. She manages the educations of equestrian athletes throughout the school year. Danielle is uniquely experienced to help equestrians as she successfully balanced her education at New York based schools, Portledge School and New York University (NYU), with participating in show jumping competitions nationally. She won the Amateur-Owner Hunter 18 to 35 Circuit Championship and competed in Grand Prix classes while attending college full time. Danielle graduated one semester early from New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics through the prestigious Courant Institute and with a minor in Business Studies through the Stern School of Business. At the age of 16, she received a perfect score of 800 on the math portion of the SAT I. Danielle completed this SAT on the same day that she competed at the USEF Showjumping Talent Search (USET) Finals, so she understands the pressures of balancing academics and horse showing. She relates to and bonds with her equestrian students over their shared experiences in the show ring.

In addition to tutoring students, Danielle ensures that parents are up to date on their child's progress.  She personally communicates with each student's school administration and teachers. She manages the exchange of assignments and assessments between Grand Prix Tutoring and each student's school.

Danielle Cooper worked both as a substitute teacher and as a private tutor for students at our school. She worked with our students on site as well as remotely, as far away as Florida (our school is in NY) when our students traveled for equestrian competitions. I appreciated—as did our students—her knowledge and professionalism. Word spread concerning Danielle’s care, attention, and effectiveness. She was my top choice as a sub because she actually taught classes rather than babysat or merely distributed handouts. Danielle teaches her students the material and HOW to learn the material. At our school, she was always in demand. As a product of independent schools, Danielle understands the rigor of the courses and the demands placed upon students. She has the knowledge in a variety of subjects that allows her to teach or re-teach material; she has the same high standards as the students’ teachers so she gets results.
— Harry G., Upper School Division Head, NY Private College Preparatory School
Danielle was a tremendous support providing tutoring across subjects and coordinating with the high school teachers back at home. She was instrumental in Sophie’s ability to juggle all of the demands with great success!
— Susie T., parent
One of the best things that happened at the PNHS last year was meeting Danielle Cooper. She has been tutoring my daughter Alex ever since. It is so nice to know that Danielle is available to tutor Alex, wherever we are traveling. Whether it is in-person in Wellington or over Skype on the computer from home or at the horse shows, Danielle is always there for her. My daughter is a very serious student and working with Danielle has tremendously reduced the academic stress in her life. When we first started working with Grand Prix Tutoring, my daughter was struggling with Geometry and, with Danielle’s tutoring, she improved her grade to an A in the class! We look forward to continuing to work with Danielle until Alex goes to college.
— Melissa P., parent
Grand Prix Tutoring has been a great help to my daughter, Kira. For the past year, Danielle has helped with every educational hurtle in any subject Kira has found difficult. Danielle has not only given help when needed, she has also given the support Kira needed to create better problem solving skills. With Danielle’s enthusiasm and guidance, Kira has gained a great deal of confidence, especially when referring to mathematics.
— Lisa K., parent
Grand Prix Tutoring and Danielle Cooper were lifesavers in our second year of attending WEF! Our first year with another tutor was a very unorganized mess, and my daughter had to work endlessly to catch up. In 2017, we found Danielle Cooper and my daughter was thrilled. Easy to work with, well organized and could tutor her in all subjects. My daughter returned home with all work up to date and kept her high grade point average on point. Also, Danielle made it easy to meet in a location not far for my daughter to drive to, which helped tremendously with her busy schedule. We are looking forward to working with Danielle during the 2018 WEF season in Wellington, Florida.
— Leslie G., parent
Thank you Danielle for sharing your amazing talents in education! You began working with our daughter Kennedy last winter season, and we just wrapped up fall semester with all A’s. What impressed me most, coming from a family of educators, is that you always were engaged with our daughter’s success beyond the current material and outside of the classroom! I know that if we ever need help in the future you are our first and likely only resource we will need. Your ability to connect with your clients and encourage them to excel is second to none! I would highly and confidently recommend you to anyone seeking academic help! Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime, I am thrilled we made the choice to use Grand Prix Tutoring!
— Ann B., parent
My son Brian began working with Danielle over Skype during the fall of his junior year. Brian appreciated that he and Danielle could discuss what occurred at horse shows and the scheduling and traveling that his riding required. Brian was enrolled in online high school through his graduation. He needed structure, so he could complete his schoolwork in a timely manner. Danielle went above and beyond to help on Brian’s time schedule. Brian made the honor roll during his junior year and the first semester of his senior year. He also received an award for his high average in Math!
— Teena M., parent
When you finally find that teacher who gets your child:

We were introduced to Danielle by another horse show family over 2 years ago. Gillian was in 10th grade and was struggling academically and emotionally. In addition, she was traveling frequently from New York to Florida to ride and compete. For a child with learning differences, this can only make the challenge of academic success more difficult.

It only took one session with Danielle for us to realize that she got Gillian’s learning style. Our sessions began with just math and chemistry support and quickly moved to all academic classes, including English, Social Studies, and Italian.

By the time that Gillian decided to take her third quarter of 10th grade remotely and live in Florida full time for that period, Danielle was teaching Gillian in all of her classes. From the start, Danielle admitted that she knew no Italian but she connected us with an amazing tutor who was as equally gifted at teaching as Danielle.

As we move into our 3rd academic year with Danielle, I can confidently say that there is nothing that Gillian has needed support in that Danielle has not been able to take on. Danielle has mastered many a Skype, FaceTime, or simple phone call to support Gillian.

In closing, I have to add that on the off chance that I over hear one of Gillian and Danielle’s sessions, I can be sure to take note that if Gillian is becoming off topic that Danielle is sure to sternly reel her back in. Danielle’s sessions are thorough and complete. Her feedback is also to the point and productive. When she thinks that Gillian needs something that she is not receiving, she is sure to reach out to her school teachers and share her opinions.
— Sandy G., parent
I began working with Danielle, the founder of Grand Prix Tutoring, during WEF 2016. She has created the perfect company for riders trying to excel in the ring and at school. Danielle is extremely flexible and willing to accommodate hectic show schedules, but still ensures that students complete their work to meet the highest standards. She comes straight to your door, which is a wonderful time saver during packed horse show days. In addition, my school found it incredibly easy to communicate about my classes with Danielle. I loved working with Danielle; she is a superb teacher and I am looking forward towards 2017.
— Jacey A., student