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Grand Prix Tutoring has been working with my son Michael for a little over a year now. Our tutor has tutored Michael in math both in-home and via Skype. Our tutor is superb and explains difficult concepts in an incredibly straightforward manner. She is prompt, poised and professional, and she has an incredible rapport with my son. Michael excels in math when he works with her. I would highly recommend Grand Prix Tutoring’s services to anyone. They are absolutely fantastic!
— Elizabeth V., parent and Senior Associate Dean, Distinguished NY University; Michael: Student
Grand Prix Tutoring is available in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Grand Prix Tutoring is available in Palm Beach County, Florida.

My experience in working with Grand Prix Tutoring has been top notch. I am a public school teacher in NY and my student has been competing in Florida for some time now. The first year, she did not have a tutor. Consequently, there were gaps in her learning and I felt the student was always playing “catch up.” The second year, Grand Prix Tutoring worked with her and the difference was astounding! All work was returned in a timely manner, properly done. The student was well prepared for all tests and quizzes, and I had no concerns regarding the security of the assessments I gave to the student’s tutor. School was essentially seamless; there was no gap in any of the student learning. I would highly recommend Grand Prix Tutoring to any family in need of tutoring services.
— Lisa K., History Teacher, NY Public High School
I hired Grand Prix Tutoring to help two young students, native Spanish speakers, improve their English speaking, listening, and reading comprehension skills. Grand Prix Tutoring worked thoughtfully and quickly to find an ideal match for the brothers. The tutor began his work with a comprehensive assessment of their needs. In his sessions, the tutor employed multisensory teaching methods and provided user friendly materials, which were not only needs-based but also grade-appropriate and subject-specific. In addition, the tutor assisted the family in developing a partnership with their sons’ schools so they could access services offered by their district. The tutor provided ongoing progress reports, and the billing system was simple and transparent. All in all, I was impressed with the professionalism of the Grand Prix team and would use them again and recommend them anytime.
— Theresa D., parent

As my daughter headed to WEF for 5 weeks last year, we knew we could use either excellent local tutors via Skype or try Grand Prix Tutoring, which my daughter had discovered on Facebook. Several conversations with Danielle made it clear that she had the experience and dedication to deal with a distracted student, and her physical presence promised to be invaluable. Grand Prix’s work with my daughter surpassed expectations as her grades exceeded the school’s requirements and instilled academic confidence. Clear lines of communication allowed us to adjust hours as necessary and for me to keep up with both the process and results. Because of last year’s success, we will use Grand Prix Tutoring again.
— Betsy A., parent
Our daughter spent 8 weeks in Wellington for the first time last year. Her school is rigorous in private school curriculum and the academic demands required for the time spent were significant. As a junior in high school with college applications, ACT, and SAT testing on the horizon, we needed a strong academic tutor while in Florida. Grand Prix Tutoring was recommended to us by friends and exceeded our expectations wonderfully! How very grateful we were for such a recommendation. Our tutor, per our daughter, was ‘amazing’. She allowed our daughter to excel in her studies to the relief of her school and us. She helped her achieve all A’s and stayed in constant contact with the school which was an added requirement. The school said Grand Prix Tutoring’s communication efforts were stellar.

Our thanks to Grand Prix Tutoring for a successful visit to Wellington. Because of Grand Prix Tutoring’s expertise, my daughter will be working with her again this season during her senior year.
— Robert C., parent

Grand Prix Tutoring has been an incredible driving force for my teenage son, and a salvation for me. Grand Prix Tutoring has gone above and beyond to keep communication open between my son, myself, and his primary teachers. Grand Prix Tutoring has created a way to engage an uninterested student while catering to his academic needs. We are so grateful to have found such an amazing and committed tutor at Grand Prix Tutoring!
— Lisa W., parent
Tutoring with Grand Prix Tutoring has proved repeatedly, over the past two years, to boost my daughter’s confidence and improve her test scores dramatically. Our tutor’s amazing ability to connect with my child has resulted in high honor role grades. Her ability to teach and excel in every single subject is a skill I have not seen in any other tutor. Her value to my daughter’s education has been immeasurable.
— Mara T., parent

Our tutor began tutoring my daughter for math in sixth grade. She was amazing. Our tutor has an incredible way of encouraging learning. She instilled confidence in my daughter, especially when it came to math. Grand Prix Tutoring was in communication with the classroom teacher so the pre-teaching techniques were helpful as well. Our tutor was always available. Holidays and weekends, she would come or work via Skype. I would recommend Grand Prix Tutoring to everyone. Our tutor is truly an amazing teacher, tutor, and role model.
— Cindy W., parent
Grand Prix Tutoring has been helping my daughter and son for the last four years. Our tutor’s teaching style and devotion to her work has significantly helped both my son and daughter with their understanding of their work and their grades. Grand Prix Tutoring has helped them to become confident, independent students. Our tutor’s organizational skills and dedication to her individual students are qualities that are rare in today’s day and age. Our tutor always makes sure she is accessible to her students, and is a lovely, caring young woman. We are extremely grateful to Grand Prix Tutoring for their help and personal interest in their students.
— Manda K., parent

I used Grand Prix Tutoring this past winter to tutor my thirteen year old in ninth grade. My daughter returned home way ahead of her class. The individual one on one attention Grand Prix Tutoring provides each of their students is incredible. Our tutor helps them understand what they would miss otherwise in class. She gives them homework on a regular basis, and students keep on top of their work. My daughter has done so well with Grand Prix Tutoring that she had a 4.3 average in high school! We look forward to working with Grand Prix Tutoring again this winter and highly recommend Grand Prix Tutoring for anyone looking for a tutor.
— Ariane S., parent
A tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring tutored both my son and my daughter for many years. My son began his junior year struggling in Pre-Calculus. With our tutor’s help, he ended the year with the achievement in math award! His SAT scores reflected his improvement as well. Her personal attention to each child is what sets her apart from other tutoring services. I would highly recommend Grand Prix Tutoring!
— Kris K., parent

My son has been working with a tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring for several months. It has been a great experience. Our tutor has been professional, knowledgeable, and very reliable. Her ability to be flexible with my son’s busy schedule has been a great help. Thanks to Grand Prix Tutoring, my son has developed the skills he needed to improve his study and test taking skills. We already see an improvement in his grades.
— Holly K., parent
Our tutor’s professionalism and knowledge has helped my daughter achieve her desired SAT scores. My daughter and I appreciate her flexibility and approachability, which made the tutoring process smooth and pleasant.
— Tatyana P., parent

A student of mine was back and forth to Florida for several weeks. Whenever she was out, a tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring worked with her on my classwork to ensure that she was keeping up while in Florida. Thanks to Grand Prix Tutoring, my student never fell behind. She completed all assignments and assessments with ease. This helped facilitate her transition back to class when the riding season was over.
— L. Blitzer, Spanish Teacher, NY Public High School
My tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring is a really good math tutor because she is patient, explains things well, and writes notes to help me so I can review on my own with her easy to understand, detailed summaries. My tutor explains topics in different ways to make sure I understand them. She knows when to move onto a different way of thinking about an idea. She has really helped me put it together!
— Nico P., student

My tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring has helped me tremendously through my struggles of succeeding in math. She is a very patient and understanding person. She is willing to devote the time to make sure her students both do well on tests and understand the content. She is great at motivating and creating fun ways to learn.
— Mercer K., student
I began working with my tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring to aid in my college admission. What I found was someone who is extremely passionate about the success of her students. She is someone who always takes the time to make sure all the concepts of the curriculum are understood before moving on. I owe a large portion of my academic success to her. She is a phenomenal teacher, and an even better mentor.
— Garrison K., student

A tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring tutored me in college-level Calculus 1. I struggled with math throughout high school. I arrived at college and picked a double major in economics and finance, two majors that were heavily routed in mathematics. I realized that I needed to take math more seriously and master basic concepts before I started to fall behind. Grand Prix Tutoring was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. My tutor is an extremely understanding and intelligent person. I would highly recommend Grand Prix Tutoring to anyone looking for a math tutor.
— Peter K., student
A tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring has tutored me in every subject. My grades always go up 15 to 20 points when I study for tests with Grand Prix Tutoring. I am so lucky to have Grand Prix Tutoring. They make studying fun!
— Olivia V., student

I loved working with Grand Prix Tutoring because, even though sometimes I didn’t like doing my work, my tutor stayed on top of me and made sure I completed everything. She’s great at explaining math concepts and really helped me stay on target. I reached my goals thanks to her!
— Maddy K., student
When I first took the SAT, all the math looked like a foreign language to me. After tutoring with Grand Prix Tutoring, I sat down, opened my test booklet, and had no problems at all!
— Charlie B., student

Working with Grand Prix Tutoring has helped my nerves tremendously. Prior to tutoring with Grand Prix Tutoring, I felt nervous and had self doubt when going into standardized tests, but my tutor’s guidance has given me confidence and, in turn, higher results.
— Misha P., student
I had the pleasure of working with a tutor from Grand Prix Tutoring recently, when I was tutored in Introduction to College Math. It was certainly a positive experience - my tutor took her time teaching the material until I fully grasped the concept. I was very pleased with my test grade. I would hire Grand Prix Tutoring again, as well as reference them to other people.
— Isabella L., student

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Grand Prix Tutoring is available via Skype and in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Grand Prix Tutoring is available via Skype and in Palm Beach County, Florida.